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World Pharmacist's Day

You may visit the best doctors in the town. You may avail the latest diagnostic facilities to detect your illness. You may be prescribed the best medicines in the market to treat your ailment. But, failure to take the medicine properly will nullify all your efforts towards a better health and well being.

This is where PHARMACISTS come into picture.

A pharmacist is a healthcare professional who is involved in assisting the patients to  derive the best outcome from using medicines. Pharmacists procure, store, dispense, counsel and asses the patients regarding the use of medicines. They monitor any adverse effects in the patient due to a particular medicine. If any exists, they suggest physicians to make necessary changes in the treatment regimen.

Pharmacists play vital roles in assuring the patients use medicines safely. Your medicines can be dangerous at times, if you use it incorrectly. Your pharmacist helps you to use the medicines correctly and safely.  Not taking your medicines pr…

Blessed Rainy Day in Goa

Be happy for it is Blessed rainy day once again!There is ample of rains in Goa at this time of the year. There isn't going to be any dearth of rain to take a holy and soul cleansing shower. Well, Blessed rainy day brings back many sweet memories of good old days in my homeland. As a child we would be always excited when our parents start preparing for the big day. We would have sleepless nights in anticipation for the beautiful day. In the morning, when we  come out of our beds, our parents would be ready with the holy water to bath us. After the bath, there would be endless traditional delicacies to savor:The delicious thukpa with pieces of cheese,the yummy suja with red-rice zaw,the ever beautiful combo of yue choom and phaksha pa. Gosh these memories make my mouth watery!!

It brings lots of happiness and joy to all the families. It is a moment to relax and rejuvenate. It is a time to meet one's long lost good old friends. It is an occasion to rejoice the togetherness of al…

Yue Pemachen

After approximately two hours drive from North-East of Trashigang, you will arrive at a beautiful village called Chaling. It is the very village which was once famously known as Yue Pemachen. Chaling is located on a gentle slope at an altitude of about 2000 meters. The climate is moderately cool in summer and cold in winter with light  snowfall. The village has a primary school, a basic health unit and a natural resource extension office. It has two temples, one in the village and another above the village. The best time to visit is from October to March. During this period, one can witness extremely beautiful natural scenarios. Snow capped Chorphu Mountain, colorful rhododendron pastures,clear blue sky,blossoming peach tress,exotic willow plants and so on.

The majority of the people are farmers practicing age old subsistence agriculture. Farmers grow maize,millet, wheat,buck wheat, soya beans, potatoes and many other vegetables. Many families own herds of cattle. Few farmers also do…

A better family life

If a family is to be successful, the man and woman must not come together simply because they are attached to each others physical appearance, to the sound of  the others voice, or other external features. They should begin by getting to know each other well. If each one discovers that the other has certain qualities, love becomes mutual, such love will be naturally associated with respect and consideration, and it then is highly likely that their marriage will be happy and long lasting.

If a man and  woman marry through mere desire and sexual attraction, rather like an attraction one might have to a prostitute, without knowing the other persons character or holding them with respect, they will love each other as long as their desire remains strong.But once the novelty of excitement has faded, if love does not go hand in hand with deep and mutual admiration, it becomes difficult to live together in harmony. This type of love is blind.  After a while, it often turns into the opposite…

An Evening by the Sea

The sun is hanging low in the western horizons. The sky is a hue of reddish orange. towards the eastern sky, one by one stars appear. With every passing second, dusk makes its way. Birds return to their nest, chirping and adding  melody to the already beautiful evening. The sea is calm. A fresh and gentle breeze, laden with the aroma of the sea, kisses my face. A few leaves fall on my lap. Dogs bark in a distance.

Fishermen return in their boats from the day's work. one of them hums a song as they approach the shore. There is peace on their faces and happiness in their eyes, perhaps the catch was ample today. i silently wish if I was among them, I too would be happy and content.

In the east the full moon gradually appears. Countless stars dot the sky. Tides are getting higher. Waves splash on the rocks below. The air is getting colder and the night is getting darker. Frogs crackle here and insects rattle there. I listen to John Lenon's 'Imagine' on my phone, where one…