World Pharmacist's Day

You may visit the best doctors in the town. You may avail the latest diagnostic facilities to detect your illness. You may be prescribed the best medicines in the market to treat your ailment. But, failure to take the medicine properly will nullify all your efforts towards a better health and well being.

This is where PHARMACISTS come into picture.

A pharmacist is a healthcare professional who is involved in assisting the patients to  derive the best outcome from using medicines. Pharmacists procure, store, dispense, counsel and asses the patients regarding the use of medicines. They monitor any adverse effects in the patient due to a particular medicine. If any exists, they suggest physicians to make necessary changes in the treatment regimen.

Pharmacists play vital roles in assuring the patients use medicines safely. Your medicines can be dangerous at times, if you use it incorrectly. Your pharmacist helps you to use the medicines correctly and safely.  Not taking your medicines properly has lots of adverse consequences:

Firstly, your chances of getting cured from the ailment becomes narrower.

Secondly, your average hospital visit and hospitalization will increase which is often a costly affair.

Thirdly, when you fail to use medicines like Antibiotics properly and correctly, you contribute to the development of Antibiotic resistance. Once resistance develops, it is very costly and time consuming to come out with a new antibiotic (if ever). As a member of your society, you got to be responsible and  use such medicines correctly.

Therefore, always ask your Pharmacist about your medicines, even if you have the slightest doubt in your mind. Pharmacist are specially and professionally trained to help you make best use of medicines.

Happy Pharmacist Day to fellow Pharmacists all around the world.


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