An Evening by the Sea

The sun is hanging low in the western horizons. The sky is a hue of reddish orange. towards the eastern sky, one by one stars appear. With every passing second, dusk makes its way. Birds return to their nest, chirping and adding  melody to the already beautiful evening. The sea is calm. A fresh and gentle breeze, laden with the aroma of the sea, kisses my face. A few leaves fall on my lap. Dogs bark in a distance.

Fishermen return in their boats from the day's work. one of them hums a song as they approach the shore. There is peace on their faces and happiness in their eyes, perhaps the catch was ample today. i silently wish if I was among them, I too would be happy and content.

In the east the full moon gradually appears. Countless stars dot the sky. Tides are getting higher. Waves splash on the rocks below. The air is getting colder and the night is getting darker. Frogs crackle here and insects rattle there. I listen to John Lenon's 'Imagine' on my phone, where one of the lines says, 'imagine all the people living for today...'. In my heart, I feel a strong desire to keep coming to this place every Saturday evening to enjoy the sunset. I am happy and tranquil. I wonder,"how lucky I am to be in Goa".

The hustle bustle of the vehicles gradually disappears and peace fills the atmosphere as the clock ticks by. For a nature lover like me, Goa is a paradise. I am sure if William Wordsworth and John Keats were here, Goa would have had beautiful poems to her credit.


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