Yue Pemachen

a glimpse of Chaling
After approximately two hours drive from North-East of Trashigang, you will arrive at a beautiful village called Chaling. It is the very village which was once famously known as Yue Pemachen. Chaling is located on a gentle slope at an altitude of about 2000 meters. The climate is moderately cool in summer and cold in winter with light  snowfall. The village has a primary school, a basic health unit and a natural resource extension office. It has two temples, one in the village and another above the village. The best time to visit is from October to March. During this period, one can witness extremely beautiful natural scenarios. Snow capped Chorphu Mountain, colorful rhododendron pastures,clear blue sky,blossoming peach tress,exotic willow plants and so on.

The majority of the people are farmers practicing age old subsistence agriculture. Farmers grow maize,millet, wheat,buck wheat, soya beans, potatoes and many other vegetables. Many families own herds of cattle. Few farmers also do small business from time to time.

The people there speak a language called Monpa  which is also spoken in Moen Tawang. It is said and proved that Chalingpas migrated from Moen Tawang many years ago. Villagers can also speak Shachop and dzongkha. Many young chalingpas can speak English today. Almost all households send their children to school these days. Lots of Chalingpas work in many parts of the world and many students from the village are pursuing higher education.

People of Chaling are generous and helping. They are friendly and kind. The village has been under the influence of Buddhism from many years. Chalingpas are always ready to help a traveler and they are often welcome to new visitors. Chaling is extremely safe village to visit, with cases of roberries, murder etc almost non existent. Do visit Chaling and experience the bliss of a typical countryside lifestyle.


  1. Lovely post about a lovely village. Would love to visit it one day if I can! Thank you Dawa!

  2. Thanks for reading la. And most welcome to my village.

  3. a beautiful write-up about your place. You described it beautifully and reading it made me want to visit the place.


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