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National Reading year: An essay

Switch off the TV and start reading

All the great men and great leaders are great readers as well. Television has completely changed the way we think and work. New lifestyles are adopted from popular reality shows broadcasted on the TV. Ancient culture and heritage are replaced by modern popular western culture. Children are glued to the idiot box for most of their free time. Families get rare opportunity for quiet and peaceful time after a tiresome day. Everyone is busy in their own world watching different shows on the TV. On the other hand, the culture of reading books is diminishing at drastic rate. Children and young people find it more and more monotonous to pick up a good book and enjoy the read.
Supporters of the mainstream TV culture maintain that watching TV is more effective for learning than reading. They also say that what you see in live pictures and footages remain more vividly in the memory. They assert that scientific knowledge can be assimilated more easily by the use…

Sharing the Pain of Nepal

Sharing the pain of Nepal. In ancient India, there lived a beautiful nun who was known for her exotic beautiful eyes. Around the same time, there lived a man who was deeply attracted & attached to the nun. The man made desperate attempts to meet the beautiful nun but to his dismay he could never arrange an agreed meeting. One fine morning, when the sun was rising, the nun was going for her routine alms begging when she chanced to bump into the man. The poor man was so surprised and happy that he could finally let the nun know that her eyes were beauty beyond descriptions. So he told her, ‘my dear bhikshuni, your eyes are the most beautiful thing I can ever imagine of in this world. I am attracted, out of control, for your divine beauty.’ Hearing this, the learned nun thought it was time for the ignorant man to learn a lesson. She pulled out both her eyes and gave it to the man. The man was shocked to see how she looked without her eyes. She looked like a corpse. He then realized al…