Blessed Rainy Day in Goa

Arabian sea, Goa, India 2013

Be happy for it is Blessed rainy day once again!There is ample of rains in Goa at this time of the year. There isn't going to be any dearth of rain to take a holy and soul cleansing shower. Well, Blessed rainy day brings back many sweet memories of good old days in my homeland. As a child we would be always excited when our parents start preparing for the big day. We would have sleepless nights in anticipation for the beautiful day. In the morning, when we  come out of our beds, our parents would be ready with the holy water to bath us. After the bath, there would be endless traditional delicacies to savor:The delicious thukpa with pieces of cheese,the yummy suja with red-rice zaw,the ever beautiful combo of yue choom and phaksha pa. Gosh these memories make my mouth watery!!

It brings lots of happiness and joy to all the families. It is a moment to relax and rejuvenate. It is a time to meet one's long lost good old friends. It is an occasion to rejoice the togetherness of all family members. It is also an opportunity to wish every one peace, happiness and prosperity.

On this Blessed rainy day, I wish a happy and joyful and memorable day with your family. As for myself, its just another beautiful day in Goa. 


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