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One Man and His Tomorrow.

One Man and His Tomorrow.
I have a feeling as if I am falling in love for the first time whenever I try to write after a gap of many months! I have always cherished the significance of living in this moment, for moments constitute life. We tend to forget this very moment while busy wondering about a more prosperous tomorrow. In fact, today is the tomorrow that we wanted to live yesterday. Today is the ‘future’ that we imagined many years ago. Today is the dream that we dreamed of living years ago. Today is the product of all our hard work and sweating that we have endured for many rainy days. If we fail to enjoy today, then when are merely existing but not living.
Living in the moment translates to being aware of one’s state of being at the moment and being grateful and rejoicing over all the good things you have in life today. Every morning as I wake up, I pull the purple window curtains to be greeted by a majestic view of the hills of Samazingkha with the morning sun shining with all…