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I'm a pilgrim on the pilgrimage called Life

I am a pilgrim on the pilgrimage called Life. Life is a journey both in real sense and in metaphor-sense. Those people who can travel and see the world are, I think, truly blessed and lucky souls. Travelling is like recharging your otherwise monotonous life. It fills us with beautifully fresh memories. It adds vibrant colors to a boring, scheduled, mundane life. It also opens the gates of our souls to a sea of new feelings and emotions. Needless to mention, travelling fosters new friendship and experiences. Though, I have travelled a very less portion of this giant world, it’s my dream to go see some beautiful destinations someday. When it comes to travelling, I feel I’m like a curious infant ever ready to take every opportunity to learn new things.
Even when travelling through Bhutan, I always am mesmerized by the beauty of my country. The freshly frozen snows on the tall mountains, the intricate matrix of endless mountain ranges, the richly colored trees and flowers along the highwa…