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September Coming

Walking home from work yesterday evening, I came across trucks and trucks of military men passing by. A cool August wind laden with aroma of lemon grass was blowing, brushing my curly brown hair. School children were going home too. A drunken man lay asleep beside the road. To perfectly soak in the moment, I plugged in my earphones and listened to the good old Scorpions song: Winds of change.
Change, then I thought, is a part of life. The most romantic month of the year, August, is slowly giving way to September. For someone who takes great joy in the beauty of nature, the coming of September is a huge treat. In September you get to see clear dark skies at night, filled with a billion twinkling stars. In September, you get to behold green leaves on the trees turning into colors of yellow and red. In September, you get to enjoy the peaceful & joyous Bhutanese festivals. And in September, we welcome our first Bhutanese Losar: Thrue Bab (Blessed rainy Day).
After a long cloudy & r…