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Books in a remote village.

Born to a simple peasant family and growing up in a far flung village in eastern Bhutan, it was beyond my imagination to hope for an opportunity to study outside Bhutan. I never even dreamed of life outside my beautiful village. But when I started reading lots of books, things changed for the better. Reading changed my life for ever. The habit of reading opened my windows to the outside world. The result of my voracious reading habit began to reward me in early 2010 when I was selected for Royal Government of Bhutan Scholarship to study in Goa, India. Today when I look back, the only thing that brought me out of my village and out of Bhutan is my habit of reading. After reading multitude of books, I could express my own ideas more clearly. This translated into getting good marks in Board exams and securing the highly competitive scholarship. Though I have miles to go before I sleep, I have at the least started my journey towards a better life-a life free of ignorance and delusion in …

Goa fast food-Bhaji Pav

Goa is not only about beautiful beaches and towering churches. Goa has a lot to offer apart from sand, sunshine, sea, fishes crabs, prawns etc. If you happen to be in Goa some day, do not miss a chance to savor Pav Bhaji- a fast food common in Goa and Maharastra. It  consists of locally baked bread 'Pav' and curry of a sort made from vegetables and spices. Most of the fast food centers in Goa will have Pav Bhaji to offer. They season it with a sprinkle of chopped coriander and sliced onions. To enhance the flavor, they squeeze half a lemon into the 'masala'. The bread is usually warmed on a pan with a little bit of oil. 
If you wish, they will offer you slices of butter with  warmed bread. Butter further increases the taste. But if you are conscious about gaining weight or if you are extra cautious about calorie intake, I would not advise butter. It tastes great even without butter.Normally, you will come across queue of people waiting for their chance to order the deli…

Little House by the river

It is Spring time in the wilderness of the Himalayas.  Here silence is free of cost. Here peace comes naturally without the need for meditation. Here the air is fresh and gardens are filled of multicolored and perfumed wild flowers.  I live in a little house by the river. The constant gushing sound of the river is the only music that I hear. The rumbling noise of rocks and logs being dragged by the water is the rhythm of my music. A deer snorts in a distance. Intermittently, a pack of jackals howl behind the hills alerting the wild goats while they graze on the lush green meadow. They raise their ears and begin to bleat signaling danger. In front of my little house made of wood, I see a swarm of bees sucking nectar from the yellow marsh marigolds.
 It is the time of the day for my shepherd friend to visit me. He usually plays melodious flute from a distance to signal his arrival. His flute makes heartwarming music in the woods. The melody slowly echoes back deep through the forest. Wh…

A sunday in Goa

Monpas of Chaling

Why GNH is a dream worth pursuing?