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a paradise called Bhutan

A paradise called Drukyul.
I am beginning to realize that being born in this beautiful Himalayan kingdom is by sheer luck and previous good karma. No wonder foreigners describe the place as the last Shangri-la. From peaceful morning sunrise from behind the lush green towering mountains to tranquil evening sky filled with billion stars, from countless cascades of pearly waterfalls to beautiful traditional Buddhist stupas, from serene temples to jolly monks, from merry farmers in the paddy fields in the autumn season to wandering musicians, I feel Bhutan is designed by the Almighty.
Simply waking up to be greeted by a cool morning breeze against the backdrop of a promising sunny day, you can literally feel all make-happy chemicals being released in your body. And as you gleefully wander through small villages, you come across amazing display of an ancient culture very much intact even in this age of globalization. Traditional songs being sung by happy farmers, children playing atop roll…