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Far away land...

The best place on earth is our homeland! I came to really understand the meaning of this saying very recently. After living in Goa for almost four years and never getting a chance to see my own homeland made me realize the sweetness and happiness that we derive from living in ones own native place. In late  2009, when I was excited to travel to Goa and see the beautiful beaches, soak in sand and sun and experience different culture. But looking back, I really miss my village.  Its a place where I learnt to respect the beauty of nature. It is a store house of my childhood memories. It is a source of happiness and joy. 
We realize the beauty of our own culture and country only when we travel outside. I have learnt to appreciate every small thing about my country and people after my stay in India. Many a times my friends ask me, "when did you last go to Bhutan?".  And I answer them that after coming in 2010, I never went back to Bhutan. And they ask me if I do not miss my plac…

The 15th Tomorrow

One fine evening in early October in India, I was waiting for the full moon to appear in the eastern sky. It was the 15th day of my waiting for the ever beautiful moon to come up and light up the sky with all its charm and glory.
 I am perplexed for not having an answer as to what attracts my poor mind to the beauty of the night. The sight of full moon rising from behind the mountains of eastern horizons makes my heart cry with pangs of happiness.
 Every day I silently wait for the full moon day to come. The coming of the 15th day is the most joyous day of the moth for me. Because it is on this day that I get to have a glimpse of the jewel of the night.

The little thing that makes big difference.

Beauty in small things.
Every morning in Goa, when I walk to my college I see an old man selling flowers near the temple. I greet him with a silent smile which he generously reciprocates. Just a simple gesture of humanely love sets up a joyful mood for my day. At a time of the day when every one is busy heading to their work places, I find peace and solace in such small things as these. In his flower baskets there are always ample of freshly plucked  yellow marigolds and  red & white roses. The soothing holy songs being played in the temple fills my heart with peace. The aroma of incense sticks being burnt inside alerts my inner senses. The puffs of white smokes wafting gracefully in the morning air brings me old memories of my childhood : where I would accompany my father to our field to slash the bushes and burn for better yield of crops. 
We are so busy in today's world that we no longer value the beauty in small things. We constantly chase after what we call as money, fam…

Creating awareness on use of medicines.

Be aware what really is your medicine.

All of us have taken some medicines at certain point of our life. medicines have become an unavoidable part of our living. At any moment in our house, at least a member of the family could be taking medicines. Therefore it becomes essential for us to understand the safe use of medicines.

Firstly medicines are prescribed for specific conditions in the body. Medicines  should be used for the right illness in right dosage at right time for the right patient. We should adhere to the advice of doctor regarding the use of medicines. If you have doubts then straight way ask your pharmacist or doctor.

In our society, we take medicines too lightly. We almost believe that Medicines are "medicines". But unfortunately this is not the case. many if not all the medicines have unwanted side effects. Some of these side effects can be fatal at times. This means we have to be aware of what we are ingesting into our bodies as medicines. The information ca…