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People we meet in life

People we meet in life
As we travel along a mysterious journey we call life, we come across many fellow travelers. Each and everyone out there has a lesson to teach, a painting  to give you, a story to share, a song to sing and a reason to smile. And believe me; each one of them leaves an eternal imprint on our soul. They subtly shape the way we perceive the world.
Back in college days in Goa, I had a catholic friend named D’souza.  She gave me a copy of The New Testament. Later she also gave me a copy of the Bible. I would read it in the evenings when the singing birds would return to nest on the giant jack fruit trees near my hostel. The central learning from my reading the two holy books was our purpose to love. God created us to love without boundaries. God sent his own son to show how much he loves each and every one of us. We love because we need to love.  Love is an act of faith. Not an exchange of emotions.
Then, during my college vacations, I often traveled to Mysore, a place …