Far away land...

The best place on earth is our homeland! I came to really understand the meaning of this saying very recently. After living in Goa for almost four years and never getting a chance to see my own homeland made me realize the sweetness and happiness that we derive from living in ones own native place. In late 
2009, when I was excited to travel to Goa and see the beautiful beaches, soak in sand and sun and experience different culture. But looking back, I really miss my village.  Its a place where I learnt to respect the beauty of nature. It is a store house of my childhood memories. It is a source of happiness and joy. 

We realize the beauty of our own culture and country only when we travel outside. I have learnt to appreciate every small thing about my country and people after my stay in India. Many a times my friends ask me, "when did you last go to Bhutan?".  And I answer them that after coming in 2010, I never went back to Bhutan. And they ask me if I do not miss my place and folks. 

I have noticed an interesting thing too. When in High school, we use to group and segregate ourselves saying that you are from Pemagatshel, we are from Trashigang etc. When we come out of Bhutan, then we realize,just seeing a fellow Bhutanese in a place away from one's own country can be such a refreshing moment.

While I look forward to return to Bhutan, I do not complain of the beautiful place that I presently live in. It provided me an opportunity to learn. It gave me a new dimension of thinking in my life. The punchline is, no matter how exotic and beautiful other countries may be, we always find our own place more beautiful and happier.


  1. Nice post and same condition here la, missing back home but in my case it's just been six months since I last visited Bhutan.Anyways keep writing and i enjoyed going through it la.

  2. "Neighbor's grass always looks greener." - However it's never too late to find out. That was one of the main reasons why every Bhutanese who studied abroad would eventually go back to their own village and contribute their skills and knowledge back to the country :)


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