Creating awareness on use of medicines.

Be aware what really is your medicine.

All of us have taken some medicines at certain point of our life. medicines have become an unavoidable part of our living. At any moment in our house, at least a member of the family could be taking medicines. Therefore it becomes essential for us to understand the safe use of medicines.

Firstly medicines are prescribed for specific conditions in the body. Medicines  should be used for the right illness in right dosage at right time for the right patient. We should adhere to the advice of doctor regarding the use of medicines. If you have doubts then straight way ask your pharmacist or doctor.

In our society, we take medicines too lightly. We almost believe that Medicines are "medicines". But unfortunately this is not the case. many if not all the medicines have unwanted side effects. Some of these side effects can be fatal at times. This means we have to be aware of what we are ingesting into our bodies as medicines. The information can be easily obtained from your Pharmacist or your doctor.

Not adhering to the advise from your doctor and pharmacist can be a costly decision: both in terms of time lost and health. Always ask regarding your medicines. Ask questions like "how this medicines helps to cure my illness?" , 'what precautions should I take while I am on this medication?", etc.

Be aware of your medicines for better health and better life.


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