The little thing that makes big difference.

Beauty in small things.

Every morning in Goa, when I walk to my college I see an old man selling flowers near the temple. I greet him with a silent smile which he generously reciprocates. Just a simple gesture of humanely love sets up a joyful mood for my day. At a time of the day when every one is busy heading to their work places, I find peace and solace in such small things as these.
In his flower baskets there are always ample of freshly plucked  yellow marigolds and  red & white roses. The soothing holy songs being played in the temple fills my heart with peace. The aroma of incense sticks being burnt inside alerts my inner senses. The puffs of white smokes wafting gracefully in the morning air brings me old memories of my childhood : where I would accompany my father to our field to slash the bushes and burn for better yield of crops. 

We are so busy in today's world that we no longer value the beauty in small things. We constantly chase after what we call as money, fame and reputation. We think and accumulate money and wealth as if we were to live on this earth for ever. We selfishly hurt others in our effort to become rich and famous. We place our own interest over that of others' to become wealthy. We sometimes even murder fellow human beings for our own selfish gains. Sometimes I just wonder if human beings can really do inhumane things like this.

You may call me old fashioned in this regard of thinking. But I have no qualms being called so and I have no objections whatsoever. What is the use to spend all our life accumulating wealth just to be used by some other person when you die. What is the logical purpose of becoming famous if fame can not prevent you from dying.

This short life time is meant for living a peaceful and meaningful life. Our life becomes meaningful only when we do something to help decrease the suffering of others. When we help others to lessen their pain, we naturally get joy. This joy translates into a happy mind. A happy mind leads to a contended and happy life. And at the end of our life, on our death bed, when we recollect our younger days, our heart will be filled with joy because we have helped others in their pain. This would help us die peacefully.  What else is better in this world than a happy ending??


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