Goa fast food-Bhaji Pav

Goa is not only about beautiful beaches and towering churches. Goa has a lot to offer apart from sand, sunshine, sea, fishes crabs, prawns etc. If you happen to be in Goa some day, do not miss a chance to savor Pav Bhaji- a fast food common in Goa and Maharastra. It  consists of locally baked bread 'Pav' and curry of a sort made from vegetables and spices. Most of the fast food centers in Goa will have Pav Bhaji to offer. They season it with a sprinkle of chopped coriander and sliced onions. To enhance the flavor, they squeeze half a lemon into the 'masala'. The bread is usually warmed on a pan with a little bit of oil. 

If you wish, they will offer you slices of butter with  warmed bread. Butter further increases the taste. But if you are conscious about gaining weight or if you are extra cautious about calorie intake, I would not advise butter. It tastes great even without butter.Normally, you will come across queue of people waiting for their chance to order the delicacy at the fast food centers. I love having Pav Bhaji with a sip of coca cola. It tastes great.

So, next time when you in Goa, don't just visit beaches and clubs, but also pay a visit to any fast food stalls and make a point to try this out. I am sure you will love it just like I do!!!


  1. You made me wanting to visit Goa right away! :P


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