A sunday in Goa

A Sunday in Goa…
Last Sunday, I was seduced to the limit. No. Not by the beauty of a charming girl. But by the beauty of the world we live in. The last Sunday of January 2014 was increasingly becoming a monotonous one for me in my room.  I decided to stroll through the city of Panjim to save myself from boredom. After having a quick shower in the warm water of afternoon, I headed to the church. The road to the city was less busy. I walked into Kamat hotel for a steaming cup of coffee and a hot plate of Samosa with coconut paste. Having savored the delicious snack I went to the bank of river Mandovi. The sea was calm and peaceful. Garlands of red and yellow marigolds immersed by worshippers were floating on the water. I spent some time near the river watching boats zoom by and enjoying the salty smell of the sea. As the sun was mercilessly scorching me, I walked along the river seeking shelter beneath huge rain trees. 

When I reached Kala Academy, a popular cultural centre in Goa, there was an Art exhibition. I could not resist having a glimpse of the artist’s magical strokes on canvas. At the same venue, there was a book exhibition by Broadway, a book store branch in Goa. Being a lover of books, I spent an hour or so browsing through a sea of books. 

As I was heading towards the jetty, the tide was becoming higher. Cool but strong breeze was blowing. I opened my arms to embrace the cool breeze. I took a deep breath. A sense of tranquility filled my heart. I sat on the steel bench by the sea shore for some time watching the beauty of the Sea. I am never tired or bored of watching the sea. As the sun was becoming gentler towards the evening, people started to gather at the shore to have a refreshing time with their loved ones.  In the background, there was a food and cultural festival underway. Traditional Indian music was being played. A gentleman was helping his feeble, old mother to walk towards the beach.
Finally, when I was walking back to my room, I could see through tall coconut trees, the sun was setting beautifully. Once more, the evening air was filled with love and music and the smell of foods and spices. Once more I could hear from the mosque the faithful shouting their prayers. Once more the birds were returning to their nests. And once more, I had made a beautiful memory of an evening to remember.


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