When Pens & Laziness Go To War

It's been over nine months that I did not write a blog piece. Logging into to blogger and writing these lines gives me a feeling of deja' vu. It feels like taking rebirth in the blogger's world. When we try to write after a gap of months, you notice that words don't flow easily from the creative parts of your heart. It is a sort of victory day today for me. Victory over procrastinating that I will write tomorrow. 

In early spring of 2017, I was sitting outside a holiday resort in Paro, with my laptop open, my eyes scanning the picturesque Paro valley and surrounding mountains. It was the perfect place to write a poetic piece. The morning was afresh with thin mist of clouds hanging loosely in the opposite mountains, fresh pale green apple leaves growing on weather beaten, dry apple trees. First rays of the morning sun was kissing the otherwise dry paddy fields of Paro. Two huge old dogs from a nearby animal rescue shelter sat lazily near my table. Fresh vapors rising from the cup of black coffee held by pure white china clay saucer. I tried to write how beautiful the morning was and why everyone loved Spring. But before I could even write two lines, I had shut down my computer and had gone for a walk. I never attempted to write again since then. 

A lot has happened since that beautiful spring morning in Paro. I made time to read Dr. Karma Phuntsho's History of Bhutan, Nari Rustomji's Enchanted Frontiers and a couple of other popular  fictions. I also learned to play new songs on the Dramngyen. I am of the believe that we should learn something new everyday, as Sakya Pandita, a renowned Tibetan Scholar once said that even if we are to die tomorrow, we should not stop learning a new thing today. sometimes I feel like I am the perfect fit for  the popular "Jack of all, master of none". I tried my hand on the guitar,Dramngyen and just a few days ago I went to the Handicraft bazar and bought a pair of flutes. These instruments keep me occupied on my weekends and hampered my reading list.

I shall stop here for today. Evidence of my writing holiday is here to be seen in the form of a very highly disorganized blog post. But this makes me feel great. Overcoming procrastination is not at all easy! 


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