Rice Farmer & Happiness

Rice Farmer and Happiness

Beautiful songs in praise of Lord Krishna playing from the old speaker hanging high near the village temple pervade every corner of this little beautiful town. The evening air is filled with aroma of incense sticks being offered nearby in the village temple. People are returning from their paddy fields. A group of children are playing happily in under the coconut trees. The sun is setting. It appears as if it is sinking in the vast plains. The sky towards west is a mesmerizing mix of orange and yellow color. A bright yellowish reflection of the last rays of the sun decorates the nearby river.

As the soulful religious song changes to a more slow and heart-stirring one, the sky becomes darker. One by one, the brightest stars begin to appear. Happy families are cooking delicious meal. The gentle evening wind brings with it mouthwatering smell of vegetables being cooked in little huts made of bamboo. Sound of conch shell, chirping of evening insects, music from the village temple, dazzling stars, buffaloes mooing…the beauty of all these drenches my heart and soaks it with peace and joy. How simple life is in this small, sleepy village.

It is getting colder. It is dark black soot. We don’t have electric power in our village of Jamvudipa. The temple has stopped playing songs. Insects are no more rattling. There is silence everywhere surrounding me. I could almost hear my own heart beat. I am slowly walking back to my own little bamboo house. I am a rice farmer. I live alone in this village with my fellow farmers. Everyone is so happy here. We treat each one as if they are our own brothers and sisters. Since everyone is so full of love and co passion, I don’t feel the need of a family. Everyone here is my family.

I do fishing in the nearby river during the day. That is how I make a living. I catch enough fish to just fill my belly for one day. I think I am not greedy.

Tonight, I have boiled a bowl of wild potatoes. I also have fish soup that I cooked. My bamboo hut is lit by a dim light emerging from burning dried cow dung. I enjoy my simple dinner and proceed to sleep.

As I put my head on the pillow, I could see the bright full moon has appeared. It makes me smile. I have a special connection with the moon, since it is on a full moon day, I was born.

I close my eyes and think I am the luckiest and richest farmer in the world. I have nothing of my own but I take rejoice in everything I have. Due to this I am satisfied and happy. I pray for a beautiful morning and sleep.

In my dream, the melodious song in praise for lord Krishna continues to play.

When I wake up, it is a beautiful silenct morning in a remote corner of Indonesia.


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