Retrospectiva 2015

#Retrospectiva2015 is a twitter hash tag that is currently trending on the popular micro-blogging site. People all round the world are looking back at the year that is just coming to an end. In places like Goa, electronic dance music festivals are being organized to ring in the New Year. It is time to reflect on the failures and achievements, fun and sadness that took place in the year 2015.

This pampering afternoon-sunlight pouring in through the dusty window panes and the melodious chime of a Buddhist prayer being played in the room next door and a faint aroma of Bio-Bhutan Lemon grass air spray accompanied by the noise of trucks and cars speeding on the highway below … this is how the last day of 2015 is gradually dragging to an end in Thimphu, Bhutan.

Globally, 2015 was a nothing short of a roller coaster ride. From terrorist attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine to devastating earthquake in Nepal, from ISIS terror attack in the French Capital to migrant crisis in Europe, from human trafficking cases in Thailand to crowning the wrong Miss Universe and United Nations COP21 meeting etc… 2015 was a year that cannot be easily forgotten. Also we saw Hilary Clinton announce her candidacy to the 2016 US presidential election, Zayne Malik of the popular One Direction opting out of the Band, the demise of Ben E-King who popularized ‘Stand by Me’ and so on.

On a personal front, 2015 has been the most memorable year so far. From landing a dream job to learning to play some songs on the guitar, from learning to drive a car to making new friends…
The bygone year was a blessing. Post cards of New York City from New York, A beautiful book from Singapore and quality guitar strings from Hongkong.

As we say farewell to 2K15 and welcome 2K16 with open arms, I hope the coming year will have lots of surprises and fun. I hope to read some more books, learn to play some more songs and live a healthy life. I also look forward to learn from mistakes made this year. I hope I don’t have to say good bye to people. That is one thing I don’t fancy saying and doing. I hope, instead, the world becomes a better place and freedom prevails in all the nook and corners of this beautiful planet of ours. I also hope the New Year bring wisdom to all of us to make better decisions in life to live happier days.

To all the people around the world and to people who, by chance, read this blog I wish a very happy new year 2016.


  1. Happy New Year to you Dawa! May all your wishes for next year will come true! Take care and all the best la! :)


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