Shambala Here and Now.

Shambala is a mythical Buddhist heaven known for peace and joy and long life.

Seemingly useless and small thoughts and actions that we are carrying out now is for ever recorded in our memories. We do not realize the beauty and value of things as it happens. But when we look back few years afterwards, the same memories bring tears of joy and sorrow to our heart. So what is the secret behind this phenomenon? Why things like this happen to humans? Well, i don't have an answer either.

 For instance, we do not bother to live each and every moment as it comes and happens. Sitting by the sea and watching a Fisherman take a nap in his small fishing boat, the boat gently made to dance by the gentle waves... it never was a sweet thing back then as it happened a few summers ago in the beautiful place of Goa, But now, as the day ends, as the sun begins to set and as a melancholic cry of birds squeeze by my office window, those old memories are far more sweeter than the present.

The smell of different fish at the fish market was so pathetic. Yet, even memory of a busy fish market in Goa can trigger a flood of other memories. Like that of local Goan Women carrying basket of fresh prawns at the market, the magnificence paintings of Mario Miranda on the walls of the vegetable market, the sound of sea water heating the shore as i walked in the garden, the memory of talking to a poor yet lovable boy from Uttar Pradesh who made his ends meet by selling pani-puri.

Some years down the line, I am sure, I will miss sitting by the side of open windows in my office and writing this blog piece with mind in peace, with heart soaked in the joy of thinking and reflecting on the causes and conditions and impermanence of things. I will miss the green little orange sapling on my table. I will miss the smell of fish being fried in the hut bellow the window. But for now, see, i have to try hard to live in these small yet beautiful moments. 

Note: Mario Miranda was a world famous Goan cartoonist.


  1. Yeah, not only you felt that. Me too, took my time back in college quite for granted as I didn't aware the significant value of beautiful nature offered surrounding me. I thought it was such a boring time to stuck in the mountain where Internet at computer room was a much better thing to entertain and keep me close with family and friends. Now I'm longing to go back so much but even after so many years, I still don't have chance to go back there! :(


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