Sunset through the Window

December,2014, Trashigang

Sunset through the Window
When I opened the old wooden windows of our house, a cool & gentle December wind was blowing. Pieces of colorful flags danced in harmony to the tune of roosters signaling the end of the day. The western sky presented itself to me as a magical formation of shades of yellow and orange. A sweet natural melody erupted from the wind blowing into empty bottles lying around in the dry grasses. Flakes of white clouds turned grey above the horizons as the sun began to set faraway behind the towering mountains. A sense of blissful air slowly covered the whole hamlet. From above the monastery, the aroma of juniper being burnt spread throughout the whole village. A full moon day as it was, monks playing the soulful jaling could be heard. With every passing second, the golden sun dipped itself deeper behind the shadows of the mountains. Then and there, I was once again, as always, struck by the eternal beauty of seeing the sun setting.

Soaked in that joyful feeling, charged by that blissful emotion, I gently set to walk outside. As I opened the wooden door, it did not Screech as usually did. Perhaps when the natural environment is beautiful, even inanimate objects such as doors go into a state of peace!

As I stood outside on the veranda, a gentle wind hissing softly passed my face. The magnificent sun had set. The sky seemed to be mourning the setting sun by shedding tears in the form of a light drizzle. At the back of my mind, I was thinking, heaven need not be so mysterious and faraway. It lies within the reach of even the commonest of men. All we need is to open our senses. We need to stop thinking of day to day business for a while. And to infuse our thoughts into the vastness of space and time. Then only, we begin to get a touch of intimacy with natural beauty. Only then, we realize that Heaven is around us all the time. But we forget to realize the heaven around us ‘cuz we are so carried away searching for an external happiness that is non-existent.

While I was done thinking those pensive thoughts, the sun was gone. Then my heart was filled with joy which to describe, I don’t see potent enough words in human language. I' am in Love with Sunset!


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