Beautiful times

The 26th of June 2014

Today, I am sitting on a roughly made wooden bench, at an old monastery on a hilltop above my village. The place is surrounded by tall lush green mountains. Prayer flags of every color are fluttering in the wind at the edge of the hill. I can hear countless number of birds singing their own songs. Thick silver colored clouds are hovering atop the hills in front of me. And amid thick clouds, a golden sun tries hard to shine. Melodies of river falling from the mountains add life to this already beautiful evening. The environment here is pristine beautiful, with tall trees and grasses everywhere.  At a place not too far from here, a lonely deer is howling. A cuckoo is crowing. A pack of sparrows fly by. Down in the valley, Farmers are returning from their days work. Everything is in harmony with nature. 

There was a time when I use to desperately long for this exotically beautiful place. When I was in Goa, I use to miss every bit of this piece of heaven. As a write these lines, a single crow suddenly crows sitting atop a dried wooden prayer flag, scaring me a bit. And today, sitting beneath a richly leafed tree, I feel like I am in heaven. This place is so far away from modernity. There is no hustle bustle of city life here. There is no internet connection, no motor roads, no street hawkers, no stray dogs, no automobile pollution and no plastic garbage.  The air is ever fresh.  It feels like I am in a different planet. But there is ample of greenery, plenty of aromatic wild plants and flowers, chilly mountain breeze and peaceful ‘songs’ of the jungle.  I can hardly see any one around. It feels like this place is all my own. No I am not being selfish. I can feel a sudden gush of happy hormones in my system.

As the time passes by, clouds are getting thicker. Sun light is getting dimmer. Silence is creeping in. Birds are returning to their nests. Insects in the bushes begin to rattle.  It’s time for me to say good bye to this beautiful summer’s day. I hope, tomorrow I will wake up to a day more beautiful than today. For I have only tomorrow to romance this beautiful place. Life appears like a recording of dreams played by. Beautiful things appear addictively desirable, but it too becomes just a distant memory some day.  Similarly, this very moment will also become a beautiful memory some day. Life goes on…this time in the far flung Himalayan hamlets s of Bhutan.


  1. You described the place amazingly beautiful and serene. If I were you, how I also wish to enjoy it myself only haha...
    Nice post Dawa! Good luck for your exam and write more after it's over! Take care! :)


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