Life is a Beach.

The idea of going to the beach is way too exotic and excites me to the limit. Now that new tourist season has just begun in Goa, I am looking forward to a couple of fun filled months. Every year I do not miss a chance to visit the popular Calangute beach in north Goa. It is a lively beach always busy with foreign and domestic tourists. There is ample of space to play in sea, sand and sun. There are beautiful shacks nearby to help ourselves with snacks and refreshments. There are boys who offer to make tattoo on your arms. There are girls who offer to massage your back while you lay down on the sandy beach. There are hawkers who sell salted cucumber and pineapple. You can see vendors selling toys and many other stuffs. And of course the beach is filled with beautiful girls in bikini. Hey! Don't be mistaken! I do not visit the beach just to serve my eyes with these visual treats.

Over the years, I have grown a fond attachmenmt in my heart for the beach.
When I sit by the sea all by my self, I find my heart to be filled with poetic words. Sometimes I take a deep breath and imagine that I am in sync with the vast sea in front of me. It releases all feel-happy hormones. The sea air laden with salty smell, the gentle sun, the warmth of the sand beneath, the melody of songs played in the shacks, the sight of happiness in the faces of multitude of people, the clear blue sky, the splashing waves, the smell of fish being cooked, lovely couples embracing and kissing...all these things happens But only on a beach.

When I sit solitary on the beach watching the setting sun, I feel freedom in true sense. Freedom from the hustle bustle of city life, freedom from the ups and downs of life, freedom from the monotonous routine of going to the class and attending the lectures. So its make hay while the sun shines. just four months left in the land of sea, sand, sunshine and fishes!


  1. That's the wonder of the nature :) Enjoy while you can ^^


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