Goa...? not without fish.

Goa...? Not without fish.
“…so Dawa, what are you going to miss the most about Goa when you go back to Bhutan?” a friend of mine asked me recently.  “Fish curry, no doubt” I responded him with a grin on my face. He pulled a skeptical look on his face after hearing my answer.
 Yes, for the last four years, almost every day I had savored a mouth watering, appetizing and deliciously fried fresh sea fish for my lunch. As soon as the morning classes got over, I would rush to the nearest restaurant serving fish curry and rice. This has been going on for four years now. It has become a habit. Old habits die hard. Due to this, I am at a point where I find food pretty tasteless without some fish items in the menu.
Sardines and mackerels top my list. King fish is no less tasty. I love prawns and shrimps too. I have tried my taste buds on crabs but could not like it much. I am yet to try squid, which I will do it soon. In Goa the way they prepare fish is remarkable in a way that you end up helping to fish curry and rice every day.
I must admit, on certain occasions when I had to be away from Goa, I really missed the yummy fish curry rice.
It would be rude and unfair to say that I would just miss fish curry of Goa. Apart from this, I would also very much miss the beautiful beaches, magnificent churches, the breath taking sun set over Mandovi river, the annual carnivals, Christmas celebrations, and fests at various churches scattered in Goa.
I feel blessed to have gotten a chance to study and live in Goa for sufficient period of time so that I could understand its culture, food, people and hospitality. This is a hotspot global tourist destination. Goa attracts annually above two million tourists from all over the world.  Fortunately for me, a walk to the nearest beach takes just ten minutes. Sipping a bottle of wine, basking in the pampering sun, getting sun tanned, burying in the smooth sands at the beaches, playing in waves in the Arabian Sea, watching beautiful sun sets, and going on photography trips… all these memories will be highly cherished forever. If you planning to visit Goa, then no need to give a second thought, just pack your bags and prepare for a life time experience in this beautiful coastal state.


  1. Lucky you! Hope one day I can visit Goa too to enjoy the beach, and of course to taste the delicious curry fish!!! :)

  2. +Overcome Thank you. Worth visiting if you wanna come to goa.


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