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Diwali holidays

 I have to admit, I just love this euphoric feeling just now. Fate brings me once again to this wonderful Buddhist Monastery on a Diwali holiday. Blogging from a cyber run by the monastery. The monks play really cool songs in this room. Bob Marley's reggae songs are still loved. As the clock ticks by, the songs being played on the home theater also changes. From Tibetan Hip Hops to Hindi songs, from contemporary Bhutanese songs to K-pop, they play it all.

The monks are really happy and contended. They are compassionate, helpful, and always smiling. Every morning they wake up early and proceed for the morning prayers. They are kept busy by one or the other thing. They have really little free time to waste. Its here they make the best use of their human lives. Its here that the words of the Buddha are practiced. its here that peace and happiness is materialized.

I am fortunate enough to have got this chance to visit this lovely monastery time and again over the years. It taught me what it takes to be a monk. It also made me realize the purpose of life: to live a happy life. This is the last Diwali holiday in this beautiful monastery in South India. Next year at this time, I would be in Bhutan, recollecting the memories.


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